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About us

Meradrone.com is India's first niche drone portal and we couldn't be prouder. Our mission is simple: To offer the best products, give the best advice and provide the best shopping experience.

  • The best products: Our strategic partnerships with world leaders in drone
    technology like DJI, YUNEEC, and Potensic among others mean that all new
    products are available in India at the same time as the rest of the world. 


  • The best advice: We understand that the whole process to be able to fly a drone in
    India might be daunting. Therefore, we take the responsibility of guiding our customers
    very seriously. We have an expert panel that carefully scrutinizes every piece of advice
    or review we give to our customers.

  • The best shopping experience: Our primary goal is to make meradrone.com shopping
    experience as intuitive as possible. We are always looking for ways to make information
    available in the most effective ways. So if you have a suggestion, we would love to hear
    from you.

meradrone.com is proud of its affiliation with media, production houses and the photography and videography industry. The use of drones in commercial services has grown exponentially and meradrone.com is proud to be the preferred industry partner. We also provide Drone Pilot Training Courses and technical expertise to our industry customers when needed.

Drone technology is taking the world by storm and the peak is nowhere in sight. We are thrilled to experience the entire journey.

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