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Camera Drones

Camera drones have evolved at a breathtaking pace since the early days of drones when the picture quality was definitely not Instagram-worthy. But today there are a lot of buying choices available in India if you want to buy a camera drone.
However, the main trade-off today is still picturing quality v/s form-factor. On one of the spectrum lies the DJI Phantom 4, capable of shooting 4K/60fps video or the DJI Mavic Air (4K Ultra HD) to the Potensic A20W, which is a tiny drone and REALLY fun to fly indoor but the camera is barely 1MP.
There’s a wide selection of camera drones available and you should choose depending on your need. If you just need a basic FPV camera drone, then you can’t go wrong with a product like the DJI Tello. If you want better pictures, the Mavic Air might be your drone. Oh, and btw, if you’re in the market to buy a drone in India, read the Drone Buying Guide in India.