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Selfie Drones

Drones have completely changed the selfie game ever since the first few good quality selfie drones came out. Now, there are several good quality drone selfie cameras that are available to choose from. Most selfie drones are small & compact, have a short flying time and produce social media sharable quality images and video clips. Selfie camera drones are tiny and can go easily in a purse or pocket so you can have it handy when you want to capture a moment.

The AEEE SELFLY, the air selfie-and air selfie 2 and zero tech dobby are the most well-known models at the moment. We at meradrone.com are working towards getting other selfie drones in India that are equally good quality if not better. Keep watching this space or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest from the world of selfie drones.

If you need help in deciding which selfie drone is the best for you, please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to assist.